Mara Foundation

Mara established the Mara Foundation in 2009

A social enterprise that focuses on encouraging and supporting young and women entrepreneurs in Africa.

The Foundation aims to create business development opportunities for young business owners through services such as:

Mara Mentor Online
Enable, Empower, Inspire

A free online mentoring platform that connects ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders globally and can be accessed via a web based platform and mobile application. Mara Mentor enables aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with peers and business leaders globally. Enabling to empower entrepreneurs through the provision and access of a breadth of resources consisting of: discussion forums, resources, news & updates and furthermore an open access feature for ‘mentees to connect to world class mentors’

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Mara One-on-One

Mara Mentor’s signature program “Mara One-on-One” has been a prominent extension of the mentorship platform. This initiative is designed to kick start a six-month mentoring connection between business leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Lagos 1on1
Abuja 1on1
Nairobi 1on1

Mara Women

Is designed specifically to engage and develop the next generation of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Mara Women aims to offer women a suite of customised business development services, through Mara Mentor the programme utilises a framework that will exponentially increase the intellectual, financial and social capital of women while strengthening the global entrepreneurship sisterhood around the world.

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Since it’s inception Mara Foundation has enhanced entrepreneurship capacity building tools and is now active in a number of countries in Africa and globally